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Half Moon Herbals Citrus Zest Body Scrub

5.0 (2 reviews)


This zesty treat brightens and softens the skin, detoxifying as it helps to shrink pores and promote firmer skin. The relaxing scent of sweet orange, pink grapefruit and lemon will have you in a world of citrus bliss as their therapeutic properties help to boost circulation and reduce excess oil on the skin.



Our Citrus Zest Body Scrub relaxes and brightens skin. It has a relaxing scent, detoxifies skin and shrinks pores to firm the skin, boost circulation and reduce acne.

Exfoliation -removes dry & dead skin cells, increases circulation, unclogs pores, stimulates collagen synthesis.
Coconut oil – contains essential healthy fats, vitamins A & E, helps restore natural pH levels, improves skin hydration.
Sweet almond oil – rich in vitamins D & E and other minerals, softens skin, evens complexion.
Shea butter – improves skin elasticity, very moisturizing & nourishing, anti-inflammatory for acne, rashes, scars and burns, skin softening
Beeswax – hydrates, conditions, soothes and calms.

Citrus Zest Body Scrub Natural ingredients:
Coconut oil, sweet almond oil, shea butter, beeswax, white sugar, pink grapefruit essential oil, sweet orange essential oil, lemon essential oil, orange zest.

Half Moon Herbals evolved as a small, local business on Stewart Island out of a need for gentle, soothing skin care products.  The founder of Half Moon Herbals, Kitty, struggled to find products for ultra dry and sensitive skin. The misleading promises of synthetic and unrecognisable chemicals always left her itchy skin more irritated. After systematically replacing each questionable product with a home made, plant-powered alternative, Kitty knew she had to share the solutions she had discovered. Half Moon Herbals is the result of her research and work.

Every product is made with a focus on naturally nourishing, ethically sourced plant-based ingredients. With options for dry and oily skin types alike, healthy skin and hair is more accessible than ever before.

Our products are all handmade on Stewart Island/Rakiura from organic, homegrown and locally sourced ingredients. We take pride in how we make our products and the ingredients we use, we want to ensure they are beneficial and healing for your body and soul.

2 reviews for Half Moon Herbals Citrus Zest Body Scrub

  1. Elena Oberdries

    Really brightening, makes my skin really smooth and hydrated-feeling.
    The smell is amazing and sticks on the skin for a long time.

  2. Kayla

    Rejuvenating and zesty! Love the smell, makes me feel alive in the mornings!

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